There is no h1 tag on the webpage. How to Fix?

Site Audit report showing “There is no h1 tag on the webpage” (My blog posts). How to fix that issue?

I couldn’t make heads or tails of your screenshot.

What version of Ghost, what database, and what theme?

Is this a new Ghost install? If so, how did you install?

This screenshot is site-audit report. Ghost is latests updated. Not new install. Earlier i used liebling theme. It showed me same problem. Hosted in digitalocean.

That’s likely to be a theme-specific problem, since the theme controls much of the page markup.

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Liebling theme uses the post title as the H1 by default. Can you share a link to your blog post?

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Now I’m using Simply theme. Here is the Link - Tedknow

There’s an H1 tag on the post, so the audit tool is off.


Yes, I think so. Thank you! :hearts: