To turn off automatic URL translation into Latin


I suggest adding the function: disable the automatic translation of the URL into Latin alphabet.


Is there someone else this might come in handy?

Support devanagari script in URL
Can I off the automatic Post Url function for Korean?
Can I off the automatic Post Url function for Korean?

Agree with you, because websites use more and more domain names in their language (like russian, chinese, japanese…) with their characters thanks to the possibility offered by internationalized domain names.

Even if I recognize that this is not a priority in itself for the Ghost team, it would indeed be nice if we could use this directly in UTF-8 without having to go through Punycode.



I would like to open the new topic, but I would like to describe my opinion about the ghost policy.

I like the ghost very much. There is some limitation, but I can solve the problem with some 3rd party program and I can expect I can make a great blog or etc.


Whenever I make a post with automatic URL translation in my language(Korean). Your automatic URL is making the totally meaningless URL.

I test in Korean and Chinese.

I would like to make a URL in Korean안녕하세요-세계인-여러분
Ghost make it automatically

In Chinese你好-世界人
Ghost make it automatically

The problem is, whit this function, I will never use ghost in my language, i couldn’t recommend it to my friends. Because it is so bad for the SEO point of view.
My wordpress website has ranked Google No.1. Because they have some option for making URL in our (or any other) language.

Please give us many option for making URL. Without that option, Ghost will never penetrate CJK and Russian countries effectively.

I don’t want to install and do nothing anymore.