Can I off the automatic Post Url function for Korean?


I like the Ghost bloging platform very much. However there is one bad function when I operate the ghost blog in Korean language.

When we write the Korean, we don’t use the Pinyin(Latin Alphabet) for Chinese, and Roman input for Japaese. More than 95 percent people use Korean character for input Korean. So, when you change the URL from Korean 안녕하세요 to Anneonghaseyou in Alphabet automactially, it has a very serious problem for SEO Search Engine Results purpose. 안녕하세요 and Anneonghaseyou is never same for SEO result. We couldn’t expose the URL in the google very well. It means that it is not SEO Friendly at all. I know Ghost team advertise your platform is SEO friendly, but not at all.

So if is is possible, please let us off function of the Auto Making URL function, let us make the URL by myself. I operate my company website by myself using Wordpress, they can provide the several options for URL, so I can make the URL in Korean character, so my website has Google Search result as No.1 ranked.

With this terrible Auto URL function, I couldn’t introduce the Ghost bloging platform to any Korean friends, opinion leaders, famous bloggers. So please let us adjust the function by ourselves.

Thank you!

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I think this is the same thing as To turn off automatic URL translation into Latin

Yes i know that already, when I wrote the comments in that post, the discourse bot said your comment will be reviewed by the moderator, but there isn’t any review after 1 day. So I would like to express my option again to this community.

When ghost couldn’t remove that function, maybe they couldn’t penetrate a Korean blogging market also CJKV countries like China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam. Additionally Russia and many more countries.

Ghost team have to make a decision what is a priority for being a general bloging platform in the world. :slight_smile: They don’t know what is important and what is not.

It’s not possible to configure at the moment. The original post on the related idea was the right place to post and/or vote on the proposed feature