Traffic bump 50% since Gatsby migration - why?

Migrated to Gatsby (somewhat prematurely) and traffic bumped 50% almost instantly.

I can’t see why.

  • I’m counting sessions - not page views.
  • Bounce rate and session duration are the same.
  • Source is the same (90% Google search).
  • Most popular pages are the same

I have no idea. My only theory is the beta Gatsby version of my website - which didn’t have any GA code - was stealing some traffic for the past few months while it was secretly live. Unfortunately I wasn’t tracking it, so don’t know. If I could figure out that’d be sweet…

Image below. Migration was march 3.

May be Gatsby is more fast. Therefore, Google ranks your site better?

Where does traffic come from? If you weren’t tracking, you can use Google Search Console to see if it is the thing.

@dana how did you install Google Analytics in your gatsby site? If you converted your theme and switched to using gatsby-plugin-google-analytics did you make sure to remove any references to GA scripts in your template files?

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