Transferring from Patreon, but want to create a page of the archived posts from Patreon on Ghost


I’m a local reporter using the Patreon platform. As I transition to Ghost, I want to have an archive or page with all that content. Patreon doesn’t have a process for downloading an archive of posts, so I’m currently cutting and pasting on to individual google docs, which is tedious, but will have to be done way or another. Wondering two things about Ghost:

  1. How can I create an archive page that won’t post each old post as a new post on the front page. I just want to upload all these and have them available on Ghost, especially because Patreon might go belly up one day.

  2. Does Ghost allow you to download an archive? In that case, I could skip the step of cutting and pasting to a google doc and do so directly into a Ghost post form, with the option of downloading my archive later for safe keeping…

Would appreciate any thoughts on this.

Concerning your first question, hidden tags which are discussed in the help pages here would be a good option. Combining that with a Collection or Collections gives a comprehensive solution. Here’s just one of many examples available from a Google search of what’s needed. You’ll see it includes the need to edit the routes.yaml file which is easy and downloadable / uploadable from the Labs section in Settings.

I’ll leave the second question to an expert.