translate: I cannot resolve the problem, please help me.

Read <a href="{{url}}">more posts</a> by this author

阅读他的<a href='{url}'>更多文章</a>.

Read <a href='{url}'>more posts</a> by this author

in hbs file,
{{t "Read <a href='{url}'>more posts</a> by this author"}}

it doesn’t work!!!

What should i do ?

I would take a look at this: and pass the url in as a hash param placeholder

If you include some more information, such as the relevant bits of the locale files you’re using and some more context around the theme, you might find that people will be able to help you better :ping_pong:

I got you, but placeholders sometimes contain some words that need to be translated. What should I do?

I tried many methods to resolve this problem, but none was work.:joy:

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