Translation impossible?

I was trying, searching, reading about it. OK, I found this part in the docs:

To ensure that your theme is fully translatable, two core templates must exist in your theme. Check the following templates exist:
pagination.hbs - exists in content/themes/mytheme/partials , copy the template
navigation.hbs - exists in content/themes/mytheme/partials , copy the template

The links are dead (404). I searched all templates and general files regarding Ghost itself. I couldn’t find this " {{t}} translation helper" in any files (neighter templates, nor Ghost itself).

So it seems, nothing is translatable. REALLY??? So you should write on your homepage: “Just for english speakers!”

Ah, this option to translate hardcode is a bad idea. What about updates, changes? What about changing the language on the fly for users / readers from different countries? I really don’t understand this option in the administration called: “Publication Language. Set the language/locale which is used on your site” - you can set whatever you want … it is english and it seems that there is no possibility to translate (German in my case) without hardcoded.

If I’m wrong: please let me know. I searched lots of time and didn’t find the key. Thx for any hint if there is one!

Cheers Walhalla

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You can learn more about the translation helper here: Ghost Handlebars Theme Helpers: translate

This helper is designed for theme developers who want to make their themes available in different languages. We’re planning to release a new tutorial on using the helper soon, but the docs give a thorough overview of how to use it.

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Hi RyanF and thanks for your response.

Thanks for the link. But if you read my post you could have seen that I already read this do. I copied the lines where I gave up. See “4. Ensure templates exist” → the links are dead, 404 Error, doesnt exist. Great manual, great help.

I really dont understand why you offer to change the language in the admin area if it is impossible?

I searched for this " {{t}} translation helper" (already wrote it in my first post!) but couldnt find. Can you show me in your own themes (f.e. caspar)? Doesnt exist.

And the Ghost - core itself? The emails to users / readers? Everything is english - hardcoded. There is no more or less simple option to change the language. Not even - as done by most software - folders / files with the used expressions and their translation. Atleast one could do it himself. By the way: I’m no theme developer → just wanted to use it because I really loved the way to create posts. But most of my users / readers are not english speakers.

A software for writers, publishers, content - creators (no programers, developers, …). And those guys should open / edit sourcecode to translate? Great idea, userfriendly. I dont know if it is ignorance or Ghost is rich enought with english speaking users / clients.

Yes, I could do the translation. Even in the sourcecode. But i would be nonsens, spending time for nuts because after the next update I can start again from scratch.

Really loved Ghost, worked everyday with it for now, began to transfer some older contents. But there are some important points, obstacles avoiding to keep on using. One important point is translation / languages. Other points are comments doesnt exist and the media-handling (impossible to resize images or alignment for example. Just having the image big / bigger / biggest on the site is really quiet a little bit to simple.

It’s a pity because there are some really good things / solutions in Ghost. But without being able to use other language than english: mission impossible.

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