Transalate Helper "How To" Questions

Qucik questions,

I went through the translate helper documentation but there are some syntaxes that I didn’t really understand to implement them in the theme

1. How do you transate placeholders?
What is the correct syntax? I can’t seem to get it to work
e.g. trying to translate “Search blogs…” placeholders in the input below

<input id="search-blogs" class="form-control me-2 fs-3" type="search" placeholder="Search blogs..." aria-label="Search" />

2. How do I translate text and helpers?
I get error 500 when I try to do it like {{t "Page {{page}} of {{pages}}"}}
e.g. Page {{page}} of {{pages}}

3. How do I translate navigation links?
My navigation menu is the default Casper navigation menu with the html and handlebars as follow

            <div class="gh-head-menu">

4. How do I translate helpers?
Such as the site title and description, e.g. <p>{{@site.description}}</p>

5. How do I translate static pages?
For those pages created from Ghost Admin interface, if possible.

Update on this:

There is a Google Translate script which is very practical and I find very useful. Have a look at this How TO - Google Translate guide from W3. Note that you should check Google Translator documentation too. It is free for non-profit or under 500k characrters.

Alternatively, considering following this guide A complete guide to translation & multi-language content in Ghost to cater your side to specific language and show language-specific content.