Translate "published_at" helper

I’m trying to translate the “Alto” theme into Spanish, and planning to expand it a little bit for my blog Nomad Life, but I’m missing how to translate that helper, if possible.
Is there any easy way to do it? O do I need to edit the Ghost core or something? Thanks!

Good question, I am wondering the same thing. A quick fix is to avoid full names of days or months, and just go for number format. Otherwise I would go for a front-end javascript solution that takes the datetime attribute of the time tag and converts it to the desired language. It would be great if there is some kind of native Handlebars solution for this.

Have you updated your blog’s language? I think it will use the proper locale if you do :slight_smile:

Yes, it works more or less, but if I were to add one or more languages, the first problem is I’d had to create one post for every language, and the global variables like the “published_at” will be displayed only in the language declared in the admin panel.
So if I publish “Hello” in / and “Hola” in /es/, “published_at” will be in EN for example.
Is there a way to translate that every time the user is looking at the /es section?