Translating theme

This tutorial doesn’t work (strings are not in my language when changed in General in admin panel)

What am I missing? Got locales dir and 2 files pl.json and en.json

Hi there. Which parts of your site are you trying to translate? Might be a good idea to check the formatting of the json inside pl.json and en.json just incase it’s invalid

Formatting and structure of those files are copied from the same doc link I provided (just translated in pl.json).

I’m trying to translate for example “X min read” text, or “Latest posts” in footer

Ah right I see. In the theme did you replace those values with the translation equivalent? For example the reading time handlebars variable should be replaced to this:

{{reading_time minute=(t "1 min read") minutes=(t "% min read")}}

If so then I can try debugging it at my end :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh, I think I get it now! The default texts and variables from system are not translatable by default and I have to switch each text like you provided above.

After doing what you said to do - it works perfectly.

Thank you very much for your time and support!

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No problem! Really pleased this solved it for you :tada: