Translating and adjusting the default Casper theme


I’m starting a website in Polish and modifying Casper was a little confusing.

First, I would obviously like it to be in Polish. To do that I installed World Casper 2. Is that the right approach? Did I need to install an additional theme? Adding translation to the default Casper didn’t take.

Second, I adjusted the social media icons by editing worldcasper2-2.7.0/partials/site-nav.hbs. Is that the right approach? Or is there a smarter way that would perhaps allow my changes to persist through theme updates?

Third, why does the “subscribe” button (the one to subscribe to new posts via email) replace the RSS icon? I again just changed it manually in worldcasper2-2.7.0/partials/site-nav.hbs. It seems that the replacement logic was there so I presume there is no setting for it anyhere else, right?


I had a similar question --> Supporting i18n in Casper


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