Translation membership area is it possible?

Hello, is it possible to translate Portal, full, to another language?

I am speaking about:

  • Login popup
  • Member profile page
  • Membership messages

I have spent two days looking on forum and Google how to do it, and I don’t find any way.

I want to leave WordPress, but I am mexican, and I need all this on spanish.

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Not yet, but there is a feature request you can add your vote to, here:

Meanwhile, there’s a solution?

I need it in spanish, is not professional to have content on another language.

If is not, I must to back to WordPress, and it is sad for me =(

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Having had the same problem with French, the easiest solution I found is to change to a theme that has its own membership pages, and a “locales” option to choose Spanish.

You can find more themes on Github. I’m using Aesto, which has a Spanish locale (and I’m making French now !).

I wish Ghost makers took the need to have a Portal in our own language more seriously!!