Trouble setting up Pico

I’ve followed the instructions to download and setup Pico from Github, but even after uploading the routes.yaml I am still left seeing my previous theme (even though it says the zipped theme from Github is active). Any advice?

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Restart the Ghost, clear your cache? If you’re on Ghost Pro you might have to ask support to clear the cache there – I’ve had to do this on occasion.


I just wanted to add that I have exactly the same problem even after resetting Ghost. Any other solution.

— G.

FYI — The Pico theme directory is titled Lyra when I download and unzip it.

Ok. I think I solved the problem. The link in Github that says ‘1. Download this theme’ actually links to a non-functioning theme called Lyra. If you download Pico using the standard Github link on the top right you should be in business.

— G.

@gmansf perhaps something is awry with your .zip…

The should unzip as a folder with the same name, Pico-master

Try re-downloading it from here: