Unable to download the theme Error 403


i have never had any problems regarding folder permissions, updates, upgrades etc.

But now i noticed that I am unable to download my theme from the admin panel domain/ghost

I am experiencing the following error:
GET https://domain.it/ghost/api/v3/admin/themes/lyra/download/ 403 (Forbidden)

Ghost Version: Version 3.8.0

What could be the problem?

That seems odd, are you sure you’re still properly logged into Ghost? Have you made any modifications to the files on the server?

Of course I’m logged in normally.

I publish one or more articles a day.

I update Ghost without problems on the day of the new release or the next day, without experiencing any problems

I make weekly changes to the template using Github Action, could this be the problem?

If you’re using GitHub Actions then surely you can download the theme from GitHub instead?

Sure, I can download it from github,and also have it locally because it is synchronized on Github.
But I would also like to solve the problem from the admin panel

Well a 403 error is forbidden, which leads me to believe you haven’t got your permissions setup correctly for your Ghost install. Might be worth checking on your hosting platform

I don’t think this can be the reason, I use a VPS configured 1y ago, nothing has ever changed.
The only different thing is to update the template with github action

Have you checked the permissions of the files and folders you have in your theme?

If you mean Ghost Doctor, yes. I do not have any problem.

No I mean the file and folder permissions set on the theme files that come down from GitHub Actions

If anyone experiences the same problem, I solved it by removing the theme from Ghost and Github Action, I reloaded everything, the problem is solved.