Trouble with custom embed script


I’m attempting to embed an iframe from an unique source but I can’t get the iframe to show when previewing the page.

Src link:

Example embed:

<script type='text/javascript' charset='utf-8'>    
   var iframe = document.createElement('iframe');      

   iframe.src = '';      
   iframe.width = '600';
   iframe.height = '400';

Here’s a link to the post preview:
Preview Link

Here’s a screenshot of the editor:

Is there a limit to the src I can use in the ghost editor for an iframe?

@Eric_Morgan the browser will block the iframe request to because you’re loading it from a https site

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Thanks for the quick reply @Kevin. I’ve tried the https version of the link (which has a proper cert) for the src and I have the same result.

The preview link has the updated secure link now:

I have resolved this issue. It appears the specific source link was blocking the iframe from showing. I found an alternative link (from their cdn) that allowed me to get the embed working properly.