Trying to allow users to perform one-time payment through Portal. So close but stymied; tips or ideas?

After a member joins via Portal, I’d like to comp them a free membership for life.
I’ve tried two approaches but have been stymied on both fronts.
Am looking for help, if anyone has any ideas? :pray:

First idea:

My first idea was to ask members to sign up on $5/year plan. Then I was planning to just cancel their annual subscription plan and comp them a forever plan. But I’ve learned that after you cancel a user’s subscription, the Ghost Admin GUI changes!

ie. If a member is on a free tier, you’ll see:

But the moment I cancel a paid member’s subscription, I now see:

and don’t have the option to Add a complimentary subscription. :slightly_frowning_face:

Second idea:

My second idea was to go in and apply a 100% off for Forever coupon via Stripe after a member buys an annual subscription. I’m able to do it on the Stripe backend:

But when I login as the test user, in their Portal modal, it continues to show the user that they are going to be charged $5.00/year and there’s no indication of the 100% off for Forever coupon that they’re receiving.

This is not ideal because I’d like to give the user some actual visual and recorded confirmation that they’re indeed getting this sweet lifetime offer deal (and won’t ever be charged again).

Yes, I’ve read through this thread as well as the Tip Jar documentation, and I may go down that route. But I was really hoping to avoid configuring a Zappier integration and I do really like Portal (I just wish there was a "for life" temporal period option).

Am I missing anything here or does anyone have any tips? TIA!

Edit: One idea I do have is that with Approach 1, after they have paid the initial $5, I then could cancel and delete their membership entirely from Ghost. Then, since I already have their name and email, I could recreate their account as a Free tier and then comp them a free subscription to a Paid tier for forever. I guess that would work? :man_shrugging:

It’s a bit janky though; does anyone have any better ideas? :thinking:

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@Coolcmsc I’m trying to give folks the ability to pay a one-time fee for lifetime access to a premium level.

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OK, knew I’d missed something. I’ll delete my reply: it isn’t helpful here :blush:

You could recreate the options displayed by portal using a theme file - some paid themes already do this. If they choose a yearly subscription, use the built in stripe integration and Portal. If they choose the one time payment, have that be a stripe payment link. Catch the webhook out of Stripe (netlify or Zapier are good options) and create a complimentary forever subscription in Ghost for the user using the API.