How to add member to subscription plan manually?


I am new to Ghost and testing the features with the free trial.
One thing I could not figure out (I looked for the topics and support) is this:

I’m collecting fees for my project on a local crowdfunding platform. When the crowdfunding is finished, I need to add members to Ghost which paid a one-year membership in advance. So, is it possible to add members and give them premium access for one year? I do not have any Stripe IDs as the crowdfunding platform does not use Stripe.

Thank you for your help.

You could give them a complimentary plan.

Basically, add them to the site as free members, and then, following the instructions mentioned in that post from Ghost’s blog, give them complimentary access to a paid plan.
I believe it defaults to a year.

Okay, thank you very much for your answer.
Just one more question:

If I give a user a complimentary plan, and it is for one year. What happens after one year? Will the access be restricted, and they have to choose a subscription plan?

Yes, I believe it will downgrade to a free (or “plan-less”) member.
The Complimentary plan is just a $0 option on a stripe subscription product, so expiry should work the same as that subscription product’s paid (Monthly, Yearly) options.

You could test this first by adding a member, giving them a complimentary plan, and then go into stripe and change the customer’s expiry on that plan to today or tomorrow or something. Then you’ll be able to see the flow for yourself.