Tuuli - Personal Blog Theme

Hello everyone,

I am happy to announce my new Ghost Theme: :sparkles: Tuuli :sparkles: .

Tuuli is the perfect theme for creating a personal blog. It comes with customizable elements, so you can adjust the hero section, post feed, and more to match your style. All this without having to modify the theme code.


Tuuli Ghost Theme

Customizable homepage

Choose your preferred hero section style (sidebar or wide hero) with custom settings and set the post feed layout in a list or grid format with or without images.

You highlight some specific tags/topics on the homepage, controlled from the Design settings.

Color schemes

The theme comes with 5 different color schemes you can choose from: the classic dark and light and then there is midnight, ivory, and skyblue. You can set the default one from the Design settings.

Custom templates

Tuuli comes with 7 layouts you can choose from in the Post Settings:

  • the default layout with a wide image
  • layout with a background image
  • layout with a full-width background image
  • layout with an image on the side
  • layout with a narrow image
  • layout with a sidebar
  • layout with a table of contents and a sidebar

Custom Pages

Tuuli comes with tag and author archives as well as an archive page organizing posts by month.
Additionally, there are tags, authors, and membership-related pages.

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Feel free to get in contact in case of questions or feedback.

Thank you,