Wondering about a few ghost features

Hello, I’m evaluating Ghost for my personal blog and wondering if these features are available:

  • Customize homepage - Basically want to have a small about me section on the homepage instead of just the post
  • Customize tag page - Also want to have an intro section for all tag pages.
  • Change word issue to post - Don’t think “issue” is the right word for my blog. Can I change it?
  • Have an image beside text - Can I do a two column layout with an image next to text?
  • Remove sign in button - I only want people to subscribe. There is no need to sign in or out. I want to remove sign in button while keeping the subscribe option. I want to offer only a free subscription.
  • Is it possible to add social sign in/out to this page?
  • Subscription to specific tags-I want to give people the choice to subscribe to specific topics. Is that possible?
  • Is there only one section header design that goes end to end?
  • Is this forum, the only support that is available?
  • Video autoplay - I want to add video that autoplays when the reader scrolls the video into view. Is that possible?

Here is the draft blog setup: https://venkat-rao-2.ghost.io/.

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Hello Venkat,

I try to answer your questions based on my knowledge and experience with Ghost and WordPress.

" * Customize homepage - Basically want to have a small about me section on the homepage instead of just the post"

That’s possible. There are portfolio and personal themes that have this feature built-in, otherwise, you can custom code it (takes a little coding experience).

Many themes have this as built-in feature.

Not sure what Word means here.

Not supported natively by Ghost. You may use custom HTML code but not very friendly in my opinion.

The built-in portal doesn’t do that. However, you may opt for some themes that have custom subscribe field and sign in pages.

Not that i know of.

Ghost allows multiple newsletters feature. It’s built into portal and people can choose which newsletter to subscribe to. Never used it myself though.

If you self host, yes. If you opt for Pro plans, some of them help with theme customization (I think).

Uploaded videos have the auto playback and loop options.

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Thanks for answering Abhishek. Appreciate it!

I’m not self hosting but using Ghost’s Pro trial at the moment.