Twitter card description doesn't show up in Tweet

We are using Ghost 2.0.3 with the storymag theme on a local server to cover the elections in the Canadian province of Québec. 60 students are involved.

I drill them to fill up distinctive Twitter cards for their posts. But they complain it is useless as what they write in their Twitter Description doesn’t show up when they want to tweet their posts…

For example, this is what a student has written in her Twitter card:

Sainte-Marie-Saint-Jacques : Le Parti Libéral y croit encore
Rencontre avec @LouisCharron du @PLQ pour parler de sa campagne pendant sa campagne #electionqc18 #PLQ #StMarieStJacques #Montréal

Yet, when a user tries to share the post on Twitter, either from a desktop or from a mobile, they only see this (no pic, no tags or hashtags):

Sharing works fine for Facebook, btw.
Is there someting I missed in the config of ghost or elsewhere??

Many thanks!

JH Roy
journalism prof
Loving Ghost!

Hey! :wave:t3:

The link you are using to share the post on Twitter will not show you the correct Twitter card, unfortunately. The link uses the link which will not even give you a preview of the Twitter card. This is something we can’t control unfortunately.

If you check the post in the Twitter card validator, you’ll see the desired result:

Twitter is able to recognise the data and resolve into the correct card.

Does it show correctly, once tweeted though? Can you show a tweet on Twitter where it did not show up correctly?

Let me know if that helped!

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Thanks a lot, Aileen! I never tweeted out of fear tweets would not show up correctly! But the card validator (which I did not know about) seems to show the correct description, photo and all. Thanks for you speedy reply! :smiley:

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