Twitter embed in Ghost post not workinng

These are the steps that i took:

  1. Copied the embed blockquotes of the twitter post i wanted to referece in my blog
  2. Pasted the block quotes in my Ghost editor


the blockquotes are not rendered, and remain in text format. Can someone kindly help me with this?

Hi Bharat!

Can you try copying the URL to the tweet, and then in the Ghost editor, type as follows:

/twitter <tweet_url>

If you press enter, the tweet should render.

Alternatively, click the (+) icon and scroll down to add a Twitter element. It will then prompt you to paste in the URL to the tweet.

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Alternatively, if there’s a specific reason why you want to use the embed code then, as I do, you’ll want to paste that code into an HTML card.

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Thanks @ryansechrest and @Stromfeldt

/twitter <tweet_url> does not work, but the (+) icon did, and thats good enough for me!

Glad that worked! You can also type /twitter and hit enter, and then paste the URL into the field. It’s slightly faster than opening the component and scrolling down to find Twitter.

Technically there’s no need for any of that as you can just paste the URL directly into the editor.