Twitter embeds work on web, not in email newsletter

Twitter embeds working on web posts, but not in emailed newsletter. Web embeds get the whole thing: picture, text, even quoted tweets. Embeds in same post sent as email only show text as a blockquote.

Is this a known problem? Or is there a solution I’ve missed?

Twitter only provides a small <blockquote> and <script> tag in its embed. Scripts don’t work in email which is why you only see the short quote.

Ghost can integrate with Twitter’s API to fetch the additional data needed to display a better email version but if you’re self-hosting you’ll need to create a Twitter Developer account and get a read-only API key. Once you have that you can update your config file:

    "twitter": {
        "privateReadOnlyToken": "YOUR_KEY"

If you’re on a hosted service such as Ghost(Pro) then this may already be handled for you. If you are on Ghost(Pro) and it’s not working please email

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Kevin – Thanks for the answer! Quick question: Does that just get stuck in the config file anywhere, or does it belong in a certain section?

The “twitter” block needs to be at the top-level in the config file as shown in the example but the ordering with other top-level blocks doesn’t matter.

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FWIW – I got the API key (the one marked API Key and Secret) and put the API key in the “config” section of package.json, using the syntax you posted. But, still not getting anything but text in tweets embedded in emails.

Do I need to post that part of the package.json file so you can check it out?