Twitter & youtube cards not showing correctly in email

Today I’m testing out the members email feature. The only problem I’ve noticed is that my twitter cards from embedded tweets aren’t showing up correctly in the email after sending a test email. In the editor they look fine.

This is the test email I sent: tweet showing incorrectly and no youtube embed

This is the browser preview in the editor:
(also the youtube embed looks weird here too?)

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Temporary workaround is to specify everything as a bookmark instead of the native embedding that the ghost editor does. Still not the look I’m going after though

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Here’s what works for me (i am doing a blog post tutorial since i had the same issue hehe):

  1. Instead of embedding the video via link, use the embed generator in YouTube and paste the code in a HTML card.

For some reason, when you do it the regular way, the videos/cards aren’t centered in the format. When you embed the code, then it works. Maybe there’s a bug and we raising the flag will make the team solve it.

Hope it helps.

Hey thanks for the reply. I’ve tried that and it seems to still not show up in the email but now it shows up in the attachments section. I’ll keep messing with it and see what happens. So far, putting every link as a bookmark seems like the best way to ensure the format doesn’t fall apart

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Another thing that i found is, that Gmail online doesnt show them (im not sure the reason). If you use gmail but use another app more developed (like Spark), it does show up.

Have you tried seeing the mail using another app?

hah that’s funny, google not showing their own stuff in the inbox. I haven’t looked at anything else but I’ll check it out

Indeed haha!

This is a known limitation of the beta - we’re definitely planning to work on it, but as you’ve already identified here - email clients can be a bit weird about what they do/don’t allow in terms of rich content :no_mouth:


Yes, I just noticed this myself now. I used to use Wistia, but have started using YouTube. I don’t think using a typical embed is the way to go, especially when you can use paste a YT link that works fine.

Until a fix is found, I think a work around, would be to include the pasted URL in the caption section just below the embedded video… as the caption contents do show up in an email.

Will check later on to see if a caption, with a URL link works.

As of Ghost 3.15.0 newly created video embed cards (YouTube, Vimeo, etc) will render in emails as a static image with a play button overlay.

As for Twitter embeds, email clients do not support running scripts so you only see the basic content that Twitter gives you rather than the full “Twitter card” formatting you see in the browser because Twitter creates that by loading external scripts.

We’ll be looking at a fallback for non-video embeds to bookmark cards at some point but the first step was the specific video embed fallback as they were the most seen problem in member emails.


Great to see the YouTube renderings being shown - however, for some reason the letterbox / black screen around the video seems to be out of proportion, please see:

@jpm any black boxes that are shown unfortunately exist in the YouTube video thumbnail which we don’t have control over.

YouTube only provides 4:3 thumbnail images so most videos will have black borders top/bottom, some may have deeper borders depending on the video contents and/or video author selected thumbnail.

Thanks for fixing the email issue, Kevin. Much appreciated.

One problem though. YouTube videos are now showing up in email newsletters and in the Ghost editor, but not when published on the web.

I am on 3.15.3

@n1n10 nothing has changed with how embeds are rendered outside of emails. Are you able to provide a link to a post demonstrating this issue?

@n1n10 reviewing your link, Ghost is rendering the contents fine but it looks like your cookie consent script is broken and interfering with YouTube’s iframe

Oops. Thanks a lot Kevin. :blush:

The same problem happened with me. The embedded tweets are not showed up in my arvig webmail. What should I do now?