Twitter links only create embeds from domain

Twitter now serves tweets from two domains: and Ghost only automatically creates an embed from a link with the domain. (Beta editor - not tested in the other one).

To see this in action: go to any tweet and click on the share icon and copy the link to clipboard (desktop version of Twitter). You have an link.

Paste this in the editor and the embed fails, and a plain link is produced with error 422 in the console.

Open the same tweet in its own window, copy the url from the browser bar, and you will have the link for that tweet.

Paste that in the editor and the embed is fetched as normal.

Note: the third party comment system I use on my site handles the domain issue with no problem.

This is irritating rather than totally breaking the workflow, and there is a workaround, but it is one I had to figure out for myself.

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Hey @CathyS, thanks for the report! Afaict, twitter is redirecting everything from x to twitter so I’m not positive how people are getting refs, but in any case I think this commit should fix it. Please open up a GitHub issue if it doesn’t.


That has fixed it, thank you.

But people were getting the domain links exactly the way I described in the report, from the copy link button on Twitter itself. I know they are a royal pain because of their whimsical changes, but it is natural work flow to use the link provided by that button not something weird.

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