Two domains for a one site

I have two domains for the same brand name. and

Now I am running with and I want to load my site with also.

Is it possible and how to do it?

Are you gonna use same contents for 2 domains? if so its better to use a permanent redirect.

But alternatively you can point your second domain to first domain via CNAME on second domain adjust the dns as follow

Record type CNAME
Host @ or Blank

& remove any A record added against the root domain

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Thank you it worked

You are welcome!

Sitemap is not loading with the secondary domain. Its loaded only with .com domain. How to resolve it?

It cant be loaded with the second domain as ghost itself declared the fisrt domain in its config

How to do it. Sorry I am not a geek. :pleading_face:

Hey sorry misstyped … its Cant not can

Oh I see. Is it possible to create a custom sitemap and load it with the secondary domain?

Yes its possible by creating a sitemap manually & then add it but it is bit tricky & involves some config on your nginx server block…

Since you are using one instance for two domains the better option is to redirect to a specific domain…

In my case i was using my blog at but decided to use my main domain ( to host the blog … so I did a redirection instead of cname setup…

No if users type for a blog post something like & it gets redirected to permanently

This way I am not duplicating my own contents which is good for SEO