Www or rootdomain - which is better?

I’ve just set up my custom domain using Ghost Pro and GoDaddy but limited to www

Does anyone have solid advice on benefits / cons of each approach?

Personal choice. There’s no advantage of one over the other. Because www and naked domains are essentially separate domains (sites), use one only, and redirect non-www traffic to www if that’s what you’re using.

Hey, so I am using GoDaddy and it doesn’t support rootdomain DNS config according to the Ghost help pages.

Therefore my site is currently defaulting to www. In the address bar.

If I wanted to default to domain.tld instead can I do a 301 redirect from www to domain?

Stick with www or change the nameservers to Cloudflare or similar, so you can use a naked domain.

However, I’d have thought the A record could be set to the IP provided by Ghost Pro, and you could delete the CNAME for www.

Interesting idea… although the help documentation seems to say the A record is optional and CNAME is mandatory :(

I was also considering cloudflare but then I wondered why would I do that when Ghost Pro which has CDN, DDos already included?

I don’t really know much about the benefits of Cloudflare to be honest - if that’s a good thing to do maybe I’ll try it