Ubuntu 20.04 or 18.04 for Ghost with 1GB of RAM

I’m self hosting on Digital Ocean. The only one click installer they have is for 18.04. I could upgrade it to 20.04, but wondering what other users are doing.

I just upgrade to 20.04, everything works fine, just only Memory Usage always at 80%, got to use
--no-check-mem when we update ghost version.

Yeah, the 1-click image is really out of date, wouldn’t necessarily recommend it. As much because of the out-of-date packages as the out-of-date OS.

I’d start with a fresh 20.04 droplet and just follow the setup guide for a manual install.

Hmmm, the one-click image seems to be on Ubuntu 20.04 and Node 14 now. Might be quite recent.

@shodandad, an issue some of us had when doing the upgrade is that MySQL was also upgraded to v8, and this created some issues, solved in this post.

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Oh, this is a very new development! Thanks for sharing…

Closing my GitHub issue on this now…