Ubuntu Installation: Ghost CLI Times Out

When I install nodejs 16.x, the ghost-cli@latest installs with no problem, but the ghost install fails, saying its not compatible.

So, when I install nodeks 18.x the ghost-cli@latest times out and never completes.

I am following the official guide and the help of this guide:

Please help before I switch back to WP…

What version of Ubuntu are you on, please?

The current version of Ghost does require Node 18, so going to 16 is not the fix.

Does npm work ok otherwise on node 18? If you can’t npm install /anything/, it’s a node/npm problem, nto a Ghost problem.

I’m going to take a crazy guess here. Node 18 changes how ipv4 vs ipv6 is handled, and that timeout is trying to connect to an ipv6 IP address. Is your ipv6 networking set up right?

I only have ipv6 running internally, but let me check my settings. This could explain it…