UI bug in new Admin settings screen

The new Admin UI seems to have a bug. at least as viewed in Edge on Mac. The linked “Edit” for each setting item is half off the right side of the screen. This is not a browser width or horizontal scroll issue.

Thanks for sharing! Do you have a screenshot by chance? Or you able to replicate on another browser?

Here is an image:

Thank you for sharing. I’m following up with the team about it.

A temporary fix is to make your browser window a bit bigger/smaller

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Mac Safari (17.0) user here - resizing the window doesn’t fix, the buttons are still off screen, the boxes stretch. If I make the window small enough to get it to the mobile breakpoint, that works, but that’s obviously not ideal.

The team’s working on a fix.

The cutoff happens under ~860 px and over ~1000 px. The browser doesn’t matter in this case.


I notice this isn’t fixed in the new 5.69.1 maintenance release. Not sure if it was planned to be, but just thought I should note it.

Interestingly, I have two sites, both on current Ghost version, both with same theme, and one now exhibits this Settings spillover problem and the other doesn’t.

Not fullly resolved in current release, but it is resolved in one of my two sites, which is strange.

I’m having this same issue. I can’t even access any buttons on the right, and can’t click on anything. Using Chrome on a mac.

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How has this still not been fixed? The super slow speed of updates/improvements/fixes in Ghost is making me want to switch to Beehiiv.

Which version are you on? The fix for this went out 5 days ago in v5.69.3:

If you’re still seeing issues or having problems, please make a new bug post, so we can fix it!

Ryan, fwiw, the latest patch fixed it for me. Weirdly, two different patches fixed it on two different sites of mine.

Btw, a recent build said it contained a Recommendations tool, but it wasn’t there. Bug? I ask because the absence is a big deal for me, given how it drives subscribers at competitors (Substack/Beehiiv/etc.).

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My site is hosted by an outside company, and they applied the latest version overnight. All is well in Settings Land. :wink:

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