The Settings Page Redesign


The new settings page redesign looks like a regression in the user experience. The new UI makes it hard to find various settings whereas the old one made it very easy with large buttons.

As another example, the Code Injection editor is now much smaller, and it’s hard to read and edit the code. Previously it was much better and spacious.

Is there an option to switch back to the old design?

Edit: I just noticed the Fullscreen option, so the above point is moot, I guess. Sorry for rushing into feedback (I love Ghost and am a passionate user :))

Still, I feel the old design looked much better, but I might just get used to the new one. Let’s see…


I love Ghost. Support has been friendly and awesome and my site looks like a dream. But this new settings layout is just not it :tm:

It’s just not user friendly. I understand wanting to change the old one. But this is just?? Convoluted.


I hate it. Maybe we’ll get lucky and they will at least give us the option to switch back to the old one for those of us that don’t like it.

I’m just not sure if it’s something I can get used to and actually enjoy.


I hate it from the bottom of my heart. From crystal clear it has turned into a blur of black lines, the black lines being text. Same goes for the new editor where the colour have been stripped from the icons which again having an eye problem makes it really hard to sort out.


Just tried making some changes, and cannot get into the sub-sections. Clicking on Design takes me to the Design section of the settings, but clicking on any of the headings does nothing.

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Update – If I zoom out in the browser until things are almost unreadable, I see the “Customize” link on the right. Barely.

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More update – When the page first loads, it is okay for a split second. Then, the site description entry jumps to the right of the site title entry, and makes the entire page go double wide and off the right side of the screen. Only way to get to the links to change things is to take the View percentage to 50%.

Note: working on a 13” MacBook Pro, without a ginormous second screen. So, really annoying.