Changes to Ghost's native comments design

To make it easier for theme developers to implement the comment area in their themes, we’ve made some changes to the way it looks by default.

What’s changing?

We’ve removed the top and bottom borders of the comment section, except in one case: if a post has comments and the site’s visitor is logged out, we’ll show a top border to make a clear division between the comment section and the call-to-action. In all other cases, borders won’t be shown.

What does this mean for you?

We don’t anticipate these changes to have a large impact in the majority of cases, but we encourage you to review the comments section in your themes to make sure.

For example, if your theme was previously relying on the border, you’ll need to manually add it back.

When is this change rolling out?

These updates will be part of the release that goes out this Friday, 21 June 2024.

More questions?

Drop them in the thread below!



Nice change!

Please delete this if it’s off topic but: will the comments system be getting more “integrated” into the backend/admin at any point? For example, will there be a ‘Comments’ tab or a webhook for ‘New Comment’?

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