Unable to create toggles

Hi All

When I try to create new post, I’m not able to add expandable and collapsable toggles with good design. I have added an image for show what is going on. This is the also link for checking the page https://ikametsigortam.net/blog/this-is-my-test/

Setup information

Ghost Version

Node.js Version

How did you install Ghost?
I have installed Ghost with commands
set NODE_ENV=production
ghost install --dir .

Provide details of your host & operating system
Self hosting in IIS 10 in Windows server 2019

Database type

Browser & OS version
All browsers and operating systems

Neither of them is collapsing or expanding for me. I also inspected your page and changed the toggle setting from open to close. Nothing happens.

You’re missing the css and/or js for cards. There’s a known bug (let me see if I can link it…) that talks about card assets (that’s what you’re missing) not getting correctly generated on windows in development mode. I suspect this is the same bug here, since it looks like you’ve got no card assets to make the toggles work.

Yeah, found it. This bug, right here:

Read over that - do you have card_assets set to true in your json file, but they’re not actually in the folder?

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Actually I’m kind of new to using ghost, I didn’t quite understand which json file we are talking about. There is no file in public folder. Also I’m not able to find js and css files related with cards.

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