Unable to Invite New Users

When I send out invitations to new users, they receive the email to activate their account, but when they click-through, the link just times out. The error is " admin.OurWebstie.com took too long to respond.

I have tried sending several invitations and used different browsers.
Is anyone else seeing this issue? Is there an alternate way to create an account?

Thanks for any help!

I’m assuming that you’re self hosting, not on Ghost Pro. (If you’re on Ghost Pro, you should email them.)

It sounds like you’ve got a problem with how your site is set up, probably you’ve got the wrong domain name specified somewhere. Can you post the part of your config file that shows the domain name being set? Did you tell ghost to use admin.whateveryoursiteactuallyis.com ?

Or you don’t have your DNS set up right - if you want to share the name of the domain, that’d be easy to check.