Invite-only Membership - How do I invite?

I’m new to all this so please forgive my ignorance.

For membership I wanted to use the setting ‘Only people I invite’. But then, how do I invite them? I feel like I’m missing something very obvious. I was assuming there was like a form I could chuck there email in and they would get an invite link emailed to them that would take them to the portal page. So far best I’ve been able to work out is if I email them directly from my email and I send them a link to a Members Offer is the only way for them to not reach a ‘contact the owner for access’ screen.

Thank you in advance


I’m having the exact same issue! I cannot for the life of me figure out how to invite somebody!

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Yeah I don’t think it exists, its just poor wording.

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Ah, gotcha! The response needs at least 20 characters LOL

any chance you got this figured out ?

Changelog. From what I’ve gathered, you have to create a new member account for them.

  • Create a personal blog for a small group of people you know.
  • Ask visitors to fill out a form, or email you personally, to gain access to your archive of content.
  • Import an existing email list and give everyone immediate access to the content on your branded Ghost website.
  • Sync members from other platforms using Zapier — for example, to give existing supporters on Patreon access to your membership website.