Unable to receive newsletter emails though they are sent

So, I have all things setup. I have mailgun setup as below

My mails go through zoho mail, so I have my config.json configures as below:
Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 9.10.15 PM

I am able to receive test mail. However when I send a newsletter to any subscriber, or send test mail from the post itself. It says mail sent, but I don’t receive any mail.
Am I doing something wrong ? Please help

  • My site url : https://plezna.com
  • Version 3.15.3
  • Ubuntu
  • Google Chrome
  • No Errors in console

Sorry for the confusion, the “test email” button is just for staff user password resets and not related to members newsletters at all.

For debugging what’s happening with your newsletters, the first place to look would be mailgun logs (and your spam folder, potentially)

@peterzimon - I know there was discussion recently around getting rid of the confusing test-email button, is there any update there?

I checked the logs for mailgun and couldn’t find anything there

Checked the spam/junk nothing’s there too. Also, for your knowledge I am getting subscription emails correctly . Don’t know why not the newsletters

By “subscription emails” - are you referring to member signup/login authentication emails?

The e-mails that we get after subscribing to a blog. I haven’t checked signup/login.
Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 1.20.13 PM
These one’s

Ok, the button doesnt show what email you’re referring to - so which email is it that you are receiving?

This one @John

Ok cool! That’s a “signup/login” authentication email - and does not use mailgun.

The Mailgun API is only used to send newsletters, so that’s why it’s only not working for newsletters.

You’ll need to check/investigate your mailgun API settings and logs

Ok. Do I need to upgrade mailgun for this. Any idea ? I mean I am getting that sandbox mailgun url. For custom domain it asks to upgrade ?

Also, why does it say mail sent if there’s any issue with it? I understand it’s something related to mailgun but if you have any idea about it ?

If you check out my reply on this thread, it has all the details of which emails are sent how and how to debug configuration issues:

We are working on getting this updated in the docs and UI to be clearer too cc @DavidDarnes

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Thanks @Hannah for these docs, but I did already went through these docs but to no avail :frowning:
I am not quite sure what’s wrong with the mailgun part.

@plezna really hard to help debug without more info, can you share the list of things at the end?

  • your platform details - where and how you’re installing Ghost
  • what theme you are using
  • your member settings (is allow free signup on or off)
  • which type of email is not working - I know this is the bulk email
  • your configuration for the broken email type - I see this in the first post
  • any errors you’re seeing


  • your platform details - Installed ghost using Amazon AWS marketplace on amazon cloud
  • Using Casper Theme
  • your member settings (is allow free signup on or off) - This setting is ON
  • ~which type of email is not working~ - I know this is the bulk email
  • ~your configuration for the broken email type~ - I see this in the first post
  • any errors you’re seeing - I see no errors anywhere

Ok, so you’re using mailgun sandbox, is the email address you’re trying to send to on the authorized recipients list?

Yes @Hannah have that verified already
Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 2.09.05 PM

So, finally I got it resolved @Hannah @John by adding a custom domain to mailgun. It needs a credit card to be on account to prevent spam. I guess sandbox is so limited to minor testing. not sure though why it didn’t work in my case.
However, now my newsletters come in spam or junk, if you could help me with that ?

No, you will need to ask Mailgun for help with that - that’s their department :wink:

Sure. Will go that way. Thanks for your help :slight_smile: