Unable to sign in to locally hosted admin

I’m currently on the free trial of Ghost(Pro). I’m also now trying to run a locally hosted version of Ghost so I can create a custom theme. I’ve gotten Ghost installed locally, and it tells me I can access the admin interface at http://localhost:2368/ghost/. So I go to the URL and it asks me for info about my website. I put in the same name I used to sign up for Ghost(Pro), and it’s now prompting me to sign in to that website. However, it keeps telling me the password is incorrect, and has now locked me out for too many login attempts. I go to my Ghost(Pro) portal and am able to sign in just fine – but apparently in the local version it’s saying the password is incorrect. Help? Thanks!

Followup: I’m not actually sure my locally-hosted Ghost is working properly at all. Some of the buttons in the sign-in process seem to not work – for instance, when I’m on the sign-in page and click “Forgot?” to reset the password, it just spins and spins forever without actually doing anything. I had to go to my Ghost(Pro) portal to reset the password – and even then, the new password doesn’t work on the local instance.

One more followup: after spinning its wheels for a long time trying to email me a password reset link, the Ghost local login page now says: “Failed to send email. Reason: Email has been temporarily rejected.”

Your local site isn’t connected to your Ghost Pro site. They don’t share passwords or content or anything,

The local site probably wanted you to make a new account and it presumably wants whatever password you gave it.

You can fix the configuration of the local site so that it can email you a password reset link, or you can delete and reinstall ghost, getting a new password in the process.

To fix email, see here:

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