Unassigned tags following import from WordPress

I am facing almost the same issue of showing empty tags as 404 in GSC…What should I do with empty tags? pls, suggest! this is the blog https://lifewingz.com/

Welcome to the Ghost community, @LifeWingz.

This is the correct behavior. The page doesn’t exist because there are no tags. You should view this as an error. It’s informing search engines that there is no content.

If you’re determined to do something, either create a post using the tag or remove the tag until you’re ready to post something.

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Thanks for your reply…Actually my issue is many tags are there but no posts connected to them…so they show as 404 error in google console…i i delete tags from wordpress then also show 404…so what should be done?

pls see the attach screenshot for better idea.

Naveen Kumar

WordPress has both tags and categories: Ghost has tags only. Therefore, you have to decide whether you want to import tags or categories, and in WordPress use a category to tags plugin.

Evidently, those tags in the screenshot have zero associated posts, so the 404 is to be expected. My guess, since you haven’t provided much detail, is that only regular posts, pages and tags were imported.