Undefined — A Free & Open-source Underscores-style Starter Theme for Ghost


Before starting my third Ghost theme, I searched for a Ghost starter theme. I was tired of starting Ghost themes from scratch or from fully-fledged themes. But all the boilerplate themes I found included stuff I didn’t need or want: CSS frameworks, too much JavaScript, and/or extensive tooling.

I decided to create a starter theme that included all the essential pieces, but left the opinion-dependent choices up to the the developer, and release it free on GitHub for other theme developers to use as well.

The Undefined Starter Theme for Ghost is what I came up with:

A demo can be found here. (Forewarning: an ultra-minimal boilerplate theme isn’t much to look at :nerd_face: )

Let me know if you have any feedback or suggestions!

Enjoy :innocent:


Love the name!