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I’m fairly new to Ghost and working on converting a few different sites to the Ghost platform, as well as creating a custom theme. I am coming up with a lot of questions about things that aren’t really covered in the documentation, and I don’t want to spam this forum with multiple questions a day, particularly as some of them are not directly related to Ghost, and are more related to general web dev, Digital Ocean, Cloudflare, AWS etc.

Would anybody be interested in joining an unofficial chat group on Slack or Telegram for having general web dev discussions and asking quick questions that might not warrant their own post here on the official forum?


Sure why not :slight_smile: if anyone wants to join, here’s a group:

I think for most detailed questions, though, you’ll be more likely to get a response here on the forum


I’m dreaming of Discord for Ghost


I’m actually more a fan of Slack, although I haven’t used Discord much at all. It seems to be geared pretty heavily toward the gamer crowd.

For anyone interested, here’s a Slack group that is not specific to Ghost but just general web development and design.


Slack is actually a big memory drain vampire, while Discord is much more optimised and better.
[also has unlimited history search - something which Slack lacks unless paid]


I think you’re right on both counts. Still, I prefer Slack, especially since I am running Slack all day anyway for various other projects, and I’m not concerned about having a maximum archive of 10,000 messages, since the purpose of this Slack is just to chat about web development and design and ask quick, simple questions that don’t really belong here on the forum or the official Ghost Developers Telegram group that John has just set up.

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