Unsplash Custom URL Parameters


I have a website that heavily uses Unsplash photos. I’d like to adjust the URL parameters that are being used by default to pull the images in as my featured images.

For example, looking at the Unsplash API docs. We have these parameters:

  • w , h : for adjusting the width and height of a photo
  • crop : for applying cropping to the photo
  • fm : for converting image format
  • auto=format : for automatically choosing the optimal image format depending on user browser
  • q : for changing the compression quality when using lossy file formats
  • fit : for changing the fit of the image within the specified dimensions
  • dpi : for adjusting the device pixel ratio of the image

I noticed that the default for Ghost seems to be:

  • format = jpg
  • quality = 80%
  • crop = entropy
  • width = 1080px
    and so on…

How would I go about editing my default settings in Ghost? I looked through the Github repo and can’t seem to find the right piece of code to edit. Any help on this?


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