Updating default text at the top of HOME

Hey guys, how can I update this text?

This text is generated by the user’s bio. You can remove the user’s bio text by going to your ghost settings -> team -> user (Ghost), then scroll down to bio.

If you want to remove rendering this from the theme altogether, you’ll need to show us your theme code. But it’ll probably be in something like ‘author.hbs’.

Got it, thanks! But you can have many authors, how does Ghost decide which user’s bio to show there at the top?

Each author has an index page - so for the ‘Ghost’ author, it would be at /author/ghost:

This page will display the bio for whatever author page you’re on.

Aha, cool, thanks. But this user seems to be somehow selected as default as it is shown by the root URL (even without /author/ghost) part. Is there something like this?

No worries! That sounds like it’s happening becuase of the way your theme is built - what theme are you using? If it’s an open source one I’m happy to take a look - if it’s one you’ve paid for I would see if you can contact whoever made it.