Updating post fires Zapier hook


I’m not sure if this is expected behavior or not so wont muddy up GitHub with an issue. I have a zapier integration hooked into Ghost that fires whenever I publish a new post and Tweets out a link to it.

At the moment whenever I update a post (don’t publish it again, just update) this fires off again and tweets out another link. Is this expected behavior? I’m assuming since its “published” again it goes through the Zapier workflow or something.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Setup Zapier and Ghost integration
  2. Setup “Share new posts to twitter” template
  3. Publish post and see tweet goes out
  4. Update post and see another tweet goes out

Update: this appears to just be when updating posts created before the Zapier integration was added. so probably just posts that have never had the hook fired in the first place.


Hi @jloh

This is a known issue with the Zapier integration, and you’ve got the diagnosis exactly correct:

Posts created before the Zapier integration was added will fire the integration if they are updated.

We are working on rearchitecting the Zapier integration so that this doesn’t happen any more. It’s quite a big change, and will fall out automatically from a bigger more general piece of work we’re doing with webhooks. So in summary, we will fix it, but it will take time.


Cool, thanks for the reply @Hannah! I’m hoping this hints towards a more generic webhook implementation which would be amazing!


Watch this space :eyes: :grimacing:


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