Zapier Intergration - Workflow bug

I use the Zapier integration to push updates to social media channels when a new post is published. This works great for the most part, but I’ve noticed and annoying issue.

Let’s say you have a published post. It’s already been zapped and shared to social media. Now let’s say you want to edit a paragraph, add a new tag, fix a spelling mistake… the instant you do this Zapier picks up the change as a new post! This means it shares the post again and fires it off to social media channels.

Is anyone else having this issue? Anyone using a better solution to handle automatically sharing schedule posts to social media channels?

Thanks in advance.

Which version of the Zapier app are you using? Version 1.x has been deprecated, there’s a newer 2.x version that uses the v2 Admin API and webhooks.

The zapier integration page in the ghost admin area doesn’t seem to show version details.
Where can I find this information?

I think it should show up in your Zapier interface when managing a Zap, it will either show (1.0.8) or (2.0.0). Another way to tell is to look at which actions are available, the 2.0.0 version will have a “Create Post” action.

It’s the old one! Thanks for the tip. Will hook up the new zap :slight_smile:

Cool, be sure to let us know if you run into any issues!