Updating the DigitalOcean marketplace image

Hi ghost staff,

The digitalocean image is a bit dated:

No big deal I could both fix myself but I guess it would make sense to provide an updated marketplace image for less experienced users.


I might be wrong, but is this not a “problem” that DO needs to fix?

Not sure how you installed your Ghost site, but I used the 1-click install and that comes with 18.04.

I went for the DO marketplace image.

I interpret this here https://marketplace.digitalocean.com/apps/ghost that it’s officially supported by ghost - but then only DO and ghost would know…

Yep, me too. The marketplace app is the 1-click installer that installs Ghost latest version, unfortunately on a 18.04 LTS version.

I would say that DO choose the 18.04 version because of the LTS, but only they can answer that for sure.

I’d hoped for an answer from ghost staff who would really know.

What Linux version that Ghost installed on is not up to Ghost to decide. At least nor as far as I know / understand. Let’s ask @John if he knows? Ghost is always the latest version using CLI.

Marketplace image is managed by us - you’re right it can/should be on 20.04 by now. @daniellockyer could you help with this when you have a moment?


Cool, thanks :+1:t2:

Hey all! :wave: I’ve made the change in our build scripts and I’ll submit it to DigitalOcean, so it may take a few days :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks for bringing it up!


@daniellockyer the marketplace image is still 18.04?

root@att-ghost:~# lsb_release -a
No LSB modules are available.
Distributor ID:	Ubuntu
Description:	Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS
Release:	18.04
Codename:	bionic

Yep, it is. You can always update it manually.

@thebear.dev that’s not the point and I know that. Please stop distracting from the real topic.

Not my intention to distract anything. I’m just saying that you can, instead of waiting for the update to happen, update and upgrade the droplet yourself.

We’ve been waiting for the update for a while now.

Yep, apologies for the delay. There was an issue with getting the new image submitted and approved by DO but I’m working on it :slightly_smiling_face: Will update here when I have more.