Upgrade from ghost 3.9 to ghost 4.16 fails

Hi Team,

I was wondering if anyone can help with the below:
Error message:
Ghost was able to start, but errored during boot with: Cannot remove permission(Auth Stripe Connect for Members) with role(Administrator) - permission does not exist

I’m trying to upgrade from Ghost 3.9 -> 4.16
Also update the below

Ubuntu base image 18.04 -> 20.04
Nginx 1.14.0 -> 1.18.0 
Node v10.19.0 -> v14.17.6
Npm 6.13.4 -> 6.14.15
Ghost-cli 1.13.1 -> 1.17.3

When connecting to dev database it works fine, but when started against a DB with a lot of posts in it got the below error:

Any help will be much appreciated


You should first update to the latest minor version, in this case v3.42.6 - then you can update to the latest major :slight_smile:

Here are the docs for updating Ghost Docs