Uploading HTML Files to Ghost

Hello Everyone, I would like to know if it is possible to have an HTML file in the root directory of a Ghost installation. I apologise if I am not using the right terminology, but I am mostly used to WP.

So, I would like to embed video chat software on a simple HTML page. I have always found it works best on a simple HTML page, even WP doesn’t always display it as I would hope. So, as an example, if my website address is: example.com, I would then place an HTML file called page1.html so when people visit example.com/page1.html they would be able to view the video chat software. Is this possible without too much hassle?
On WP, I just upload the HTML file via FTP and it just works without any other tinkering needing to be done.
Please let me know if you know the answer.
Thank you.

Hi @RyanUK, could this not be accomplished within Ghost itself? Either through creating a post with a HTML card or by creating a new page within Ghost?

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Thanks. I was considering this, and this is what I will also try. But based on what I have seen in the past it doesn’t work so great on embeds. And I need to plan for the worst case scenario before I pay for this product. Thanks.
So, could I just upload a HTML file, and would it just work like it did on wp?

Yes, working off of a template .hbs file (rather than an .html file) you could set things up with basic routing:

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You could try uploading the contents of the HTML file. Ghost is different to other platforms such as Wordpress. Uploading HTML into Wordpress or something is not a nice experience.