Url redirection when locale based url changed

I started using ghost self-hosting only 3 weeks before. So still doing lots of experiments on my site. So my issue is:
Earlier My website was by default Hindi so one of the URL was
1> https://kahaniguru.com/aloo-ke-fayde-or-jaankari/

Now I changed the default language to English, so this URL changes as
2> https://kahaniguru.com/in/aloo-ke-fayde-or-jaankari/

But in google search index the 1st URL is already indexed which not showing 404.

I tried to redirect the URL by:
“from”: “/aloo-ke-fayde-or-jaankari/”,
“to”: “https://kahaniguru.com/in/aloo-ke-fayde-or-jaankari/”,
“permanent”: true

But its redirecting to a weired link like https://kahaniguru.com/in/in/in/in/in/in/in/aloo-ke-fayde-or-jaankari/
May I know the reason and the fix for it?