Using CodePen with Ghost


TLDR: We need a simple how-to to explain using CodePen to help work with Ghost. Most know this, but Ghost is inclusive of those who don’t bring such skills: this suggestion would help them too.

Explainer: Most modding Ghost, for example by using code injection, editing .hbs files or writing a new theme will know how to use CodePen to help them with those tasks.

For example, they will know which of the three windows are key to code injection and where to copy and paste the output (header vs footer).

Some will be able to type in raw JS, others will understand whether or not the JS is already being loaded and doesn’t need that repeating.

But Ghost is so easy to use once the basics are explained, those who don’t know the above could easily learn the basics from a simple tutorial on just that, “The basics of using CodePen with Ghost”.

So, Ghost has a great staff post for coders on how to insert ‘CodePen’ snippets into a blog page about coding Ghost blog pages. But that’s ironic, to be honest, since 99% of those needing that functionality, don’t need a how-to!