Using ghost as a non-profit news organisation

Hi there, we think ghost is really cool and we would love to use it! We are a non-profit media outlet dedicated to the inclusion of people with disabilities in Austria. We would like to use ghost to start build a membership base. First, we would like to have freely accessible content.

As we are a non-profit, we would like to declare the memberships as donations. Could you tell as if this is possible through your plattform? Thank you!

All the best from Austria,


Hey, welcome to the community :wave:

The simplest route would be to create a membership product in Ghost (or several, using Tiers) and promote those as donations to your non-profit. You can add call outs and footers to each piece of content, with a reminder for readers to donate, while keeping all of your content public and freely accessible.

You can always set up a free trial to take Ghost for a spin and see if it suits your needs :) Here’s a few useful help docs about setting up members, and tiers.