Does Ghost have non-profit pricing for 501(c)3 organizations?

We’re looking at switching from Wordpress to ghost (we’re a non-profit newsroom in Colorado). Your new membership features are what caught our attention.

Do you have a non-profit tier? Virtually all over platforms we’ve talked to and/or use have discounts (or free standard accounts, such as Slack) accounts for non-profits.

Does ghost?

Hi there! We’re a non-profit organisation too, so we don’t offer discounts as our services are our only source of funding :slight_smile:

That said, our annual plans are about 20-30% lower vs our monthly pricing. More details about this are available on our pricing page, and in the FAQ at the bottom of it, here:

@S_Converse - if it helps, I’ve used Wordpress and Ghost and the latter is far superior. I’m also a dev and Ghost offers a more dev-friendly ecosystem in my opinion.